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Title: Floating Rules don't work properly.
Post by: gwaitsi on November 18, 2016, 11:45:48 am
I have two LAN segments green and blue.
WAN is connected via OpenVPN.
I have a work laptop which i want to bypass the VPN and go over normal WAN.

If i set on Firewall-Rule on
Interface Green0
Proto Any
Source mylaptop
destination Any
Gateway Red0_DHCP

it is working.

if i try to make this rule as a floating rule

Interface Green0, Blue0
Proto Any
Direction (tried both out and in)
Source  mylaptop
Destination Any
Gateway Red0_dhcp

It continues to route via OpenVPN and not the Red interface.

This is also true for a DNS rule.
I have to make a separate DNS rule on the green and blue interface
Source Any
Port Any
Destination Any
Port 53
Gateway *
This is working.

If i make a floating rule.
The services that use the openVPN work, but mylaptop doesn't resolve DNS names.