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Title: Syslog TCP
Post by: alesnav on November 08, 2016, 07:09:16 pm
Hello there!

It is not possible to send syslog messages using TCP from OPNsense, althought most syslog clients allow this option.

It could be implemented adding a new checkbox (enabled = TCP; disabled = UDP) next to each remote syslog server configured in "System > Settings > Logging" section.

The only thing to add would be an IF clause to set @IP if that checkbox is unchecked and @@IP if that checkbox is checked.

Many companies use some load balancers to manage the syslog traffic and it is better doing it via TCP. For example, the balancer included in OPNsense does not support UDP balancing :P . In addition, TCP gives more confidentiality to every log sent this way.

Best regards