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Title: Replacing Watchguard XTM2
Post by: tl5k5 on September 07, 2016, 06:10:40 pm
Hello all,
I'm studying up on the best way to replace an EOL Watchguard Firebox.
I'm not much of an advanced IT guy, but I play the part for my small company.  When our Watchguard was originally installed an outside company did the integration.  When my company moved, I did most of the setup but hired a freelancer to remote in and finish up the new firewall config.

Now that it's been a few years since the XTM2 has been EOL'd I'm going to be replacing it.  I've been playing around with OPNsense for about a week and today I've ordered a Lenovo RS140.  I plan on ordering/installing a SYBA SY-PEX24045 4 Port NIC (Chipset: Intel I350-AM4).  I also need to order some storage for the server.  Do people recommend SSD or Flash?  If I go with SSD can OPNsense manage a software RAID1?

I'm betting this is a dumb question, but does anyone know a good way to reproduce the Watchguard config inside OPNsense?  I'm sure it's all manual, but thought I'd ask.

Title: Re: Replacing Watchguard XTM2
Post by: fabian on September 07, 2016, 06:24:46 pm
For the RAID question: https://github.com/opnsense/ports/issues/24