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Title: Problems with Polycom videoconference
Post by: teces on July 19, 2016, 01:43:34 pm

I'm trying to configure a Polycom videoconference system under a OPNsense router, the problem is that I cannot make the system to receive voice/image from the remote system (in another location).

The same system with another system works perfectly; I can call the remote system and establish a connection between them, without made any modification in the estandard configuration of the router; If I want the remote system call local system then I have to make some port mappings on the local router.

With OPNsense router I cam make an receive calls (with port mapping enabled) but cannot receive voice/image (on the other location can see and ear me without problem).

The only difference I have seen in both installation is the lan configuration:

- LAN working -> Standar router ( -> Polycom IP

- LAN not working -> OPNsense router ( -> Polycom IP

Anybody has any idea of how I can resolve the problem?


Matias Lafuente
Title: Re: Problems with Polycom videoconference
Post by: silent_mastodon on July 22, 2016, 06:25:30 am
Have you consulted the documentation on the Polycom phones about whether or not they expect UPnP to be enabled? Sounds kind of like it isn't working in the case of your opnsense unit.