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Title: Update broke my setup completely: OPNsense 16.1.15 released Mei 25, 2016
Post by: sergey1984qq on May 25, 2016, 07:22:26 pm
Just shut ed down my gateway, tried to reset to factory and reassign interfaces, its not working at all. Pings are ok but I can't proceed to web gui, no more after these update.

I using dnscrypt-proxy + unbound + suricata and saving my xml file to google drive, but since I can't enter web gui there is no way to recover my settings or use opnsense. Sadly I end up just switching to raw connection direct to my main PC cause I am tired and have no effort since my monitor is broken and I use TV+VGA+DVI-I mess to work on my PC ;D and no way to use KVM switch for now cause I am tired ;*(

Sorry, strange thing it from factory defaults mixing up interfaces by assign ste0 WAN but its LAN card, and I have re0 on WAN, reassigning it manually helps but seems it does not up web gui after these reassign procedure. But DHCP server works normally from to range....after it I can ping my gateway on WAN through LAN and basically NAT works fine but no more WEB GUI @_@ I found its very strange, never had any problems with opnsense web gui connectivity.....its strange issue really. Please test updates more.

I just ruin everything with these update, having web gui netmap or some kind sort of errors related to packets capturing on my box. I using netmap for analyze network usage and suricata + wide range of features like dnscrypt-proxy package with configured few servers ^_^ its nicely working until of today updates. Even factory reset doesn't help I have no sense on how to deal with these not working web gui.

TLDR but I just gived up on trying to connect to web interface, maybe I should try pfsense again or opnsense but somehow later when I recover my monitor. For now I am just tired on how unreliable updates in both firewalls can be. Sorry. I found its more convenient to use direct connection to my Ubuntu for now. Really ;D

I found that dns resolver means here dnsmasq working much more faster and reliable compared to unbound dns resolver. And the last web gui errors that I was seen was some "netmap connection broken" errors dropped by in black console.....I have all hardware offloads in off state and these setup it works for weeks. I can attach my xml configuration file but I do not think that it was helpful since I've already reset working configuration to factory defaults and it does not help me to proceed to web GUI so I can't configure it no more. I think its not config related issue but something wrong with these update. Sorry. So I do not attach my config xml file ;D....I just tired and move on.

Have a nice day. Thank you. Anyway you doing nice firewall.

I just bookmark these thread maybe someone experienced the same with these update.
Title: Re: Update broke my setup completely: OPNsense 16.1.15 released Mei 25, 2016
Post by: franco on May 25, 2016, 07:43:06 pm
Well, you can try to restart the webgui from the console / ssh option 11. A dump of

# clog /var/log/system.log

would help.

You can also run

# opnsense-bootstrap

To reapply all packages in order to make sure that there were no install errors. The config settings will be retained...

Check for disk space exhaustion or a corrupted XML config (especially the GUI SSL certificate).