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Title: MULTI WAN spesific device help
Post by: ash45 on March 20, 2015, 01:15:18 pm
Hi all I wondered if anyone can help me, I currently have a multi WAN set up as followed

WAN1= Virgin media 152D/12U Mbps
WAN2= TalkTalk 64D/20U Mbps

                ------- OPNsense ----- GBIT SWITCH+WAP

I use this set up because I like to use load balancing and failover on most devices bit having a few problems, both of these functions are working flawless but I have 2 instances where this is causing problems,

1st I have a plex server running but because of the multi WAN its causing issues for outside access I tried to port forward but it don't fix it because the 2 external IPS make it conflict, Can anyone help in telling me if its possible to set a static rout up for this system so I can exclusively send that system to WAN2 as that has the best upload. and if its possible a little guidance ive tried googleing and not found anything 

2nd similar situation I have Talktalk TV which uses IGMP on the TT network so obviously the set top box (youview) needs to exclusively also use the talktalk connection as it cant get the IGMP channels from any other ISP so again id need to be able to set a static route to the YV box,

These are both obvious problems with the load balancing set up (especially the TV ) because OPNsense will just balance it to the best available one

thanks ever so much for any help

Title: Re: MULTI WAN spesific device help
Post by: franco on April 02, 2015, 09:59:56 am
Bumping this for attention. Anybody else who can help?
Title: Re: MULTI WAN spesific device help
Post by: reep on May 18, 2015, 02:08:05 pm
It is an issue on multiple WANs - I have the same on my hardware based WAN router.

I think you need to force an outbound connection on port 32400 on your chosen WAN interface and have an inbound port forward on the same interface and port.

I am not sure exactly how to do this on Opnsense - at a guess you could look at Firewall NAT Outbound, set it to hybrid and add your outbound forward there. Add an incoming port forward as well.

Hopefully then when your plex-server dials in to the plex.tv site it will get a connection from the correct IP address and reply accordingly.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.....

B. Rgds