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Title: Odd issues with onedrive...
Post by: mightyi on June 17, 2021, 06:15:02 pm
I have been fighting with Onedrive for business for the last couple of months - previous to this I had used onedrive without any issues on my home network.  Suddenly, i started having problems with it connecting, or once connected having issues communicating.  I first put this down to Onedrive being, well, microsoft - removed all traces of the app from my win10 machine, deleted reg entries, repaired windows, deleted profiles - even created a new user profile.  same issues.  No traffic blocked in the firewall and can see 443 traffic from my laptop going out fine - it simply doesn't connect. 

today, I did some more digging, and did the latest fw update to see if it helped (it didn't).  whilst the firewall was offline, i switched to using my iphone hotspot - onedrive immediately connected and worked seamlessly!  Putting this down to coincidence, i have tried multiple times and can repeat this every time i connect using my phone as internet instead of through my home network.  I have tried via wifi and through wired connection - same issue.  It's currently sitting the same as it has been for the last 15 minutes saying "signing in".

Can anyone offer me any help?  It seems to have coincided with the last update i applied (not sure what it was as i didn't pay attention...clever).  the problem isn't the laptop, the network or the software - and oddly i can log onto the same machine and communicate via the web page to access onedrive while it's still refusing to connect on the app. meanwhile i can use the app on my phone on 4g without any issue. 

i have no traffic management enabled, and the most basic configuration - an allow all rule out from the internal lan and nat translation to a single Virgin media internet connection.  No Intrusion detection or any packet shaping or filtering enabled.
Title: Re: Odd issues with onedrive...
Post by: Cerberus on June 17, 2021, 06:19:36 pm
Any ad blockers? i had massive issues connecting to OneDrive (Business) after having stuff like pihole, blocklists etc. running. This only affacted setup OneDrive (Login/Relogin) never the usage.
Title: Re: Odd issues with onedrive...
Post by: mightyi on January 20, 2022, 03:04:52 pm
sorry for re-upping an old post, but i thought it would help someone else if they run into these problems!

Turns out the issue ISN'T to do with OpnSense at all, its to do with the Ciphers that are used by onedrive to sign in.

It seems that windows updated removed some older ciphers, that are required for OneDrive to work; this causes the issues with being unable to sign in.  Initially, I thought this was to do with SSLv3 not being enabled, so used IISCrypto to fix and it seemed to work...mostly.  then i read the below article and made the changes suggested.  this fixes the problem for me every time - hopefully it's going to stop someone else tearing their hair out like me!