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Title: Unable to reach LAN network of OPNsense via OpenVPN
Post by: EdK on May 28, 2019, 08:49:10 am

I have a setup of the following
WAN <--> Asus Router       <-->   OPNsense        <---->   AP1 - AP10  for Guest
    ( for AP LAN) Rest is for guest

DHCP Server for OPNsense for local LAN is for wireless guest while APs is on static

I had created an OpenVPN server at and I can connect from public hotspot. Did this via port forwarding at the Asus Router. I can access OPNsense GUI after connection with VPN. But I can't connect to my APs at for my 10APs. Had done setup using OpenVPN server wizard and local network is set to and Tunnel Network and even change firewall without success. Any suggestion?