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Title: Issues with USB to Ethernet adaptors
Post by: M4DM4NZ on May 23, 2019, 07:22:39 am
Hi guys,

I'm running the 19.1 clean install on an Intel NUC.

In the past i've been able to run my WAN connection PPPoE via a USB3 to Ethernet dongle using opensense version 17 and 18, but 19 is being very fussy

I've tried about 4 different USB to Ethernet adapters, and they all "detect" as bind-able interfaces, but all have some trade offs/issues

most are unstable, and will connect to my ISP for almost 1 min, then disconnect.
others will connect, and stay connected but limit my speed to 40Mbit.

pretty frustrating, any idea on workarounds? kernel update maybe, i dunno...