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Title: Systems becomes unstable when adding multiple vlan interfaces
Post by: jonakarl on February 09, 2019, 06:43:11 am

I have a installation of opnsense 19.1 nano and when I am configuring multiple vlan interfaces, the system becomes unresponsive for a while (and restarts?). I understand that a interface becomes temporarliy unresponsive when I modify it but the entire system becomes unresponsive (ie all interfaces drop the network connection).

In my setup I have one physical external interface (ix0) that connects to WAN (static IP, no vlan) and one physcial internal interface (ix1) that trunk around 10 vlans.

When I install the system and setup WAN and the LAN interface (connected to one vlan on ix1) the system is stable but as I add more vlan interfaces to ix1 the system becomes unstable.

By unstable I mean when add or modify one vlan interface in the UI and press save, the whole system stops responding for a while (maybe 2-5 minutes) and sometimes the changes I did is not saved. I cannot confirm this but it looks like the system restarted or reload the old config after a timeout. I can confirm that all interfaces drop the network connection during the interuption.

During the setup phase this is not so crucial. However, as I might need to reconfigure the interfaces (add or modify vlan id) when the system is in production, it would be a disaster if the entire system stopped working on modifications of a unrelated interface.