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Title: Speedup reloading time of FW Rules
Post by: c-mu on January 22, 2019, 09:51:53 am
I have a relative complex Setup:

at my headquater are two opnsense firewalls running in HA. Both have multiple Interfaces (VLAN) and are responsible for
ca. 50 openvpn roadwarriors,
5 openVPN S2S connectons
and 4 S2S IPSec connections.

both systems are running as a KVM with 4 CPU's with each 4GB Memory. The Disks are running on a spinning drive based ceph storage. We also offe SSD Storage, but I dont think this is necessary for opnsense.

The Systemload is low: "Load average   0.46, 0.53, 0.49"
Memory usage is 20% of 4GB.

So comming to my "problem":
If I do a change in my Firewall rules and press apply, i have to wait up to 40 seconds until it has finished to apply.

Is there anything I can do to speed that up?
What impact have the to options:
Systems -> Settings -> Miscellaneous:
/var on RAM DISK
/tmp on RAM DISK

could that speeding up the responsetime?