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Title: Dealing with DHCP-PD and ULA on Residential IPv6
Post by: memchk on December 13, 2018, 07:01:04 am
Hi All,

I am attempting to deploy ULA IPv6 addresses in my network, in order to be able to give certain machines on my lab subnet fixed IPv6 Addresses as I am on a residential connection and my prefix from the ISP is probably going to change. I am getting IPv6 currently by requesting a /56 prefix and then using the Track-Interface mode on my internal interfaces.

I attempted to setup the ULA addresses as virtual IPs, but ran into a few roadblocks:

It seems that once I reboot, the ULA IPs are the only ones shown, and it seems I no longer have global IPv6 connectivity on those subnets. I still have the "Allow manual adjustment of DHCPv6 and Router Advertisements" unchecked, do I need to manually configure the RA?

Following up from the above issue, is there a way to actually announce multiple prefixes with RA or DHCPv6? One thread I read indicated that that DHCPv6 support is questionable / not functioning right now for multiple prefixes, but what about for SLAAC?

I would appreciate any help I can get, and I can also provide more information as needed.