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Title: IPSEC, LAN and Default deny rule
Post by: NicoRC on November 15, 2018, 05:47:28 pm

I have 2 OpnSense connected by an IpSec VPN.

The lan net of the first OpnSense is
The lan net of the second OpnSense is

The VPN works but I have a problem with the connections that are in the "In" directions:

Interface   Dir      Time                       Source                         Destination                 Proto   Label   
lan            In        Nov 15 17:31:31    tcp      Default deny rule
lan            Out      Nov 15 17:31:25    tcp      let out anything from firewall host itself   

This log is from the OpnSense on the lan.
As you can see, the "In" connection is denied by the "Default deny Rule" and the "Out" connection is allowed.

I have tried to create a firewall rule on the lan to allow from but it does not work.

Proto      Source                Port    Destination      Port   Gateway   
IPv4 *   *   *       *            
Can you help me to find a solution?