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Captive Portal Redirect Issue v17.7.5


Hi All,

I recently re-installed 17.7.5 on my appliance to create a test wifi solution

I followed the instructions at to configure the guestnet as per the document

However I am facing a problem where any computer connected to the interface will not automatically re-direct to the login page - It will simply not connect to anything

If I manually go to the IP and use the login option there, it will then allow internet access no problem (so it does work). The question now is how do I get anyone that is not authenticated to be pushed to that address first if they enter for example - is there some step not documented or a common pitfall I might be geting caught in?

Another item may/may not be relevant is I downloaded the templete as per the guide and added logo and text to it, this does not show on the page, its just the standard OPNSense Login button and logo, could this be related to the problem I have? I havent done much on that side in terms of troubleshooting until I could get the redirect working.

Any/All opinions experience or advice welcome.


Try this:

In System -> Settings - General configure DNS servers (example, and unchek "Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN"

Enable DNS Resolver instead of DNS forwarder

At DCHP configuration of GUESTWIFI interface, leave DNS servers and gateway blank

Be sure that hostname is blank in captive portal zone definition


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