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Hang or FW down ?


Hello there,

I have a strange thing with my opnsense firewall.

Here a health report with System tab selected:

The symptom were multiple.
I was connected to the VPN and I get disconnected. I cannot reconnect during few seconds.

The memory, states, processor, free disk and everything are fine (even the uptime 80 days since my last maintenance).
It is far from being overwhelmed.

It seems that any traffic can go trough the firewall here an internal interface monitoring. We have the same hang everywhere on Packet and Traffic tab.

I can't find anything in the logs.
I checked on the management interface of the server and everything is green.

Any idea on what I'm missing ?


It seems that I got the same hang yesterday around the same time (8.15pm).

I only see a "hole" on the system tab monitoring. Yesterday, the traffic seems to be okay and I didn't notice any disconnection.


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