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HOWTO: Proxmox with OPN as pci-passthrough setup as Firewall/Router/OVPN/LAN


This setup should be based on a proxmox, being behind a opnsense VM hosted on the Proxmox itself which will protect proxmox, offer a firewall, a privat LAN and DHCP/DNS to the VMs and offer a IPsec connection into the LAN to access all VMs/Proxmox which are not NATed. The server is the typical Hetzner Server, so only on NIC but multiple IPs or/subnets on this NIC.

Proxmox Server with 1 NIC(eth0)
3 Public 1IPs, IP2/3 are routed by MAC in the datacenter (to eth0)
eth0 is PCI-Passthroughed to the OPNsense KVM
A private network on vmbr30,
An openvpn mobile client connect ( to LAN

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