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[SOLVED] OpenVPN xor patch

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So far I haven't been able to get this into FreeBSD ports, but I will keep trying.

I've added an issue for this, thanks for noticing:

Good thing is our OpenVPN pages are undergoing a rework right now I do hope we can squeeze this in hopefully next week.

It seems that Remote Access types do have this feature, but it is removed for Site-2-Site. I am not sure why as of yet. Maybe that helps...

The fix to unhide the settings has been applied. Since we're reworking the OpenVPN pages you'll have to use the development package of 15.7.8 when that comes out on Wednesday:

Please report back if this works for you as intended. :)

Tested it in my test environment with the development release from yesterday: 15.7_628-amd64 with peer-2-peer(shared key) and it works. Advanced config is there and takes the scramble option. Great job!

Awesome, thanks for testing!! Will be in 15.7.9 by default.


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