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Swedish translation is coming soon!


Hi all!

After a couple of months to recover and find more energy to keep working with projects on my free time, I´m finally starting to translate the GUI to Swedish.

Like always, we translators are doing this in our free time and/or during working hours, and this will take some time to complete. It´s soon august, and I´m looking to get it 100% in the next couple of months. And before I´m going to release it to the public I need to check it running live on my own hardware to see that all strings are grammatically correct.


Hi Pontus,

Glad to hear this. There was another Swedish translator with interest, so you hopefully don't have to do this alone.

The translations are a large effort, and nobody should rush them. It happens that we all get discouraged or distracted, though any progress on the front is better than none. :)

Are you planning to use Pootle?

The usual approach would be to push all progress to the language pack in the development version and merge to the release when 30% done for more coverage, finish the rest in place bit by bit.

If you feel more comfortable leaving Swedish in the development version until it's done that's perfectly fine.


So what happened to this?

I could give it a try if you want it translated.

Swedish never reached 30% required threshold, might have been far less. After year(s) of inactivity it was removed from https://translate.opnsense.org



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