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Cron for OpenVPN


Hi All,

Just having a few issues creating a custom cron to restart the openvpn service on a defined schedule. Hopefully this will resolve an issue i am having with it consistently dropping and failing to reconnect ever 2-3 days. I have followed this topic https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=2263.0 to generate the below.

--- Code: ---[stop]
command:/usr/local/sbin/pluginctl -s openvpn stop
message:stop openvpn service
description:Stop openvpn

command:/usr/local/sbin/pluginctl -s openvpn start
message:start openvpn service
description:Start openvpn

command:/usr/local/sbin/pluginctl -s openvpn restart
message:restart openvpn service
description:Restart openvpn

--- End code ---

When I manually run
--- Code: ---/usr/local/sbin/pluginctl -s openvpn restart
--- End code ---
the expected behavior of restarting the openvpn service occurs. however when I use
--- Code: ---configctl openvpn restart
--- End code ---
to call the corresponding function in my conf file it returns "OK" but fails to restart the service.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this is occurring?

Thanks for the code. I’m having exactly the same issue, and try to restart the openvpn service via custom cron job.

What I did till now is:

Created File actions_custom.conf under Path /usr/local/opnsense/service/conf/actions.d/

Pasted your Code but changed

--- Code: ---type:script

--- End code ---


--- Code: ---type:script_output

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---configctl custom restart
Service `openvpn' has been restarted.

--- End code ---

Via Command Line its working openvpn service can be stopped / started / restarted

But the Issues for me are still:
1 . When configctl custom restart via command line is executed, just the first openvpn client connection is restarted. But I have 2. connections. How to adapt the script to restart all openvpn Client connections?

2. Tried yet several times with Firewall Reboots, configd reload etc. to get the Custom Cron-Job working, but no success unfortunately... And i dont want to edit corntab File directly, as with the next System Update the modifications are gone...

Can anyone give me a hint here?


Still have frequent OpenVpn Client disconnects and the connection is not automatically restarted...

Manually diaqble and enable the connection works fine...


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