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"Lookup hostnames" no longer works in Firewall: Log Files: Live View

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Hi folks.
I use reverse DNS, aka "Lookup hostnames" extensively to find out quickly if a potential attacker connected to my email server. - No FQDN=likely an attacker.

But yesterday I looked at the list and found that only the IPs at the top of the list were resolved. It looked like the backwards resolution only worked from the moment I checked "Lookup hostnames".
I tried a few times to uncheck/check that. At some point only a few IPs were resolved, it seemed random. And now NO IPs AT ALL are resolved!  :o

I use DNSCrypt-Proxy and only DNSCrypt-Proxy, for all the name resolutions and so far, for months/years, everything worked as expected:
Click "Lookup hostnames" and all the IPs in the Live View list were immediately resolved to hostnames.

I rebooted the firewall - no luck.
The DNSCrypt-Proxy or firewall logs don't seem to show anything unusual, normal domain name resolution works fine.

Any ideas?

OPNsense 22.7.6-amd64
FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p2
OpenSSL 1.1.1q 5 Jul 2022

It is even getting weirder:
When I check "Lookup hostnames" now, "Auto refresh" unchecks!!!
I observe this with Firefox, latest version...

I can reproduce this on OPNsense 22.7.6-amd64 using Unbound as DNS resolver.

For some balance - No such issues here with Edge and using Unbound on 22.7.6

For what it's worth: It's working here again. Not sure if clearing the browser cache helped or if it was some heisenbug.

Edit: Clearing the browser cache fixed this issue with Chrome/Windows 10 as well as Safari/macOS 13.0.


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