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Virtual IP mode may not be changed for an existing entry.

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Does anyone has an idea how to handle this Warning?
A virtual IP on my production OPNSense box needs to be changed to a different mode but is not allowed.
Should I delete this Virtual IP first and than create it anew? Or is there another way...


--- Quote from: gdur on September 30, 2022, 03:22:16 pm ---Should I delete this Virtual IP first and than create it anew?

--- End quote ---


That's a short but clear answer, thanks a lot!

Hi Patrick,
As your suggestion didn't result in success here's a modified version of my question:

I've tried that but I can't get what I'm trying to achieve.
I have an IP block of 14 usable IP addresses (/28) and I would like NGINX (on OPNSenese box) to catch traffic from a number of these addresses. These addresses are assigned as Virtual IPs to WAN as IP Alias but if I run a 443 port check on a virtual IP it is closed thus requests are not reaching NGINX. Next I tried to change a Virtual IP from IP Alias to Proxy ARP or Other and neither setting was resulting in opening port 443 on this interface. What needs to be done to make that happen.
(the first available IP address of my IP block which is used to set-up a PPPoE connection does respond to port 443 successfully).

What does your inbound allow rule for port 443 on WAN look like?


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