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Unable to Ping VLAN Gateway

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Hello, this is my first OPNsense setup and I'm unable to ping the VLAN I've established. This is a fresh install with the default LAN subnet and WirelessVLAN (VLAN TAG: 15) at subnet: I've followed some guides and YouTube videos online to establish my configuration as follows:

Establishing VLAN Interface:

Enabling the Interface:

Setting a Static IP:

Firewall Rules Assigned to VLAN:

Ping from Firewall:

Ping from Computer on VLAN:

Items to note:

* Firewall is not connected to the internet
* Don't believe its a hardware issue as this is the second host I'm trying this on
* It is a physical bare-metal install of OPNsense 22.7
I appreciate all the help in advance; again, this is my first time installing OPNsense so I may be missing something easy.

Hi these questions comes into my mind.
Are you sure that your PC is on the correct VLAN?
Do you get an IP Address by the DHCP server?
Did you configure this on your WLAN router?
I had to configure this also on my WLAN Access Point and on my switches to tag the Packets correctly.


Hey @amichel, thank you for the reply; my answers are below:

Are you sure that your PC is on the correct VLAN?
I believe so, I manually assigned its IP within the VLAN subnet (

Do you get an IP Address by the DHCP server?
No, I manually assigned its IP address

Did you configure this on your WLAN router?
Currently, there there are no Access Point's (AP) or switches on my network. I have the computer connected directly to the OPNsense box (Added a network diagram below)

Thanks again!

So I added a switch to the network:

When I plug into any port other than the switches uplink (Port: 1) or Port 4 (VLAN Port: Untagged; Port PVID: 15), I get a DHCP address from the OPNsense firewall no problem. With that address, I'm able to ping the gateway without an issue (While I'm assigned a address). When I try to get a address or assign the address manually, I'm unable to reach the gateway.

I'm a networking noob, but to me it seems that there is no route assigned for the subnet. Anyone have any ideas on where I should look next to troubleshoot?

Just assigning an IP on the vlan subnet doesn't mean you're using that vlan. You would have to tag the vlan on your nic in order to use it when not using the switch.

With the switch, you should have the LAN untagged and the vlan (15) tagged on the trunk port. Then untag the vlan15 on an access port and plug pc into that port.


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