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[CALL FOR TESTING] Squid version 5 update


Hi all,

We've been sidelining Squid version 5 update for a while to work on more pressing issues. Since a vulnerability came out we switched priorities and tested version 5 which looks like a drop in replacement (also judging by documentation and changelogs).

To cover more ground, however, users of the web proxy are encouraged to try the new version before it is generally released in 22.7.x:

For OpenSSL:

# pkg add -f https://pkg.opnsense.org/FreeBSD:13:amd64/snapshots/misc/squid-5.6-OpenSSL.pkg

For LibreSSL:

# pkg add -f https://pkg.opnsense.org/FreeBSD:13:amd64/snapshots/misc/squid-5.6-LibreSSL.pkg

To revert back to the current stable version:

# opnsense-revert squid

The security fix is still pending in FreeBSD ports, see https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=266625

All feedback is welcome.


Some people have noted privately that this works in general so we are going ahead with this for 22.7.5.



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