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CAM + OPNsense on network


I am trying to figure out why a cam on my network since I changed over to OPNsense has stopped working.  It's connected to the Tuya app, have to log into my 2G wireless network on my phone (via router in AP mode), then find the mock network from the device itself, connect through the app, then it does its own configuration.  It always hangs on the last step - and won't connect.

So, I did an experiment, I hooked up another wifi router, hooked it into the existing network (basically a firewall behind a firewall).  Lickity-bang, no problems at all doing it this way -connected and configured within 10 seconds.

I am wondering if the Zenarmor or anything else would be thinking this device is nefarious and preventing it from connecting?
Or do I have to create a rule?  If I have to create a rule, why would it work with the experiment I did with the extra router?

I'm scratching my head here as I am also quite new to OPNsense and love it so far - but trying to work out these little kinks.

have you tried the Zenarmour: status - [enter bypass mode] to see if that fixes your problem with the cam?
Than you can furhter look into what setting in zenarmour blocked it or watch the zenarmour - reports - blocks - [live blocked sessions explorer]


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