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After the update synchronization HA between the master and the backup not work

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Hi all!

Updated from version 22.1.10 to 22.7, first through the web interface, then through reinstallation from the CD and restoring the saved settings.

Did not help.

On the previous version, synchronization between the master device and the backup worked fine and without problems.
After the update, synchronization stopped working, when I go to the menu item "System - High Availability - Status" I get the following line:

The backup firewall is not accessible or not configured.

I have the same problem since the upgrade

I have the same issue. Running /usr/local/etc/rc.filter_synchronize debug results in 'parse error. not well formed'

Maybe this is a regression as there was a issue in the past triggered the same behavior.

I have exactly the same problem.
After upgrading from version 22.1.10 to 22.7 HA sync stopped working.
And the message is "The backup firewall is not accessible or not configured."


--- Quote from: rsk on July 28, 2022, 07:11:23 pm ---'parse error. not well formed'

--- End quote ---

So that's the output on the 22.1 or 22.7 system?

My guess would be 22.1?



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