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Intel 82572EI Gigabit Ethernet Controller

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Hi! I am looking around for the new firewall/router for my network. Tested some distros and yesterday want to try OPNsens, since the feature set looks very close for what I want.

Ok. But here is my problem. I installed the OPNsense from OPNsense-16.1.8-OpenSSL-vga-amd64.img
All went nice, it recognized my network cards. Also auto link recognition works. But it failed to receive IP address from my ISP. I know the link is working (before was other Linux distro without problems and I also connected my PC directly and received IP)

I also installed PFsense - and there also is the same problem! So I suppose it could be the FreeBSD/kernel problem?

Now I test IPFire, and there the card works without problems.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts, suggestions...

@MartinsZB only thing I can think of is: Does your provider check for the MAC address? If so you need to spoof the MAC address in the WAN interface settings. Perhaps you did set it with IPFire before and forgot about it?

If not.. then I'd say take a close look at the logs.

Best regards,


@Jos Thanks for your comment! No, the connection is not connected to MAC. The PC was connected with the same cards also before (tested ClearOS) and intentionally I did not spoof MAC. (Just to be clear - if MAC address spoofing field  is left empty, OPNsense uses the cards original MAC?)

I will try to install it again in evening and will check the logs. Yesterday evening was too late, to investigate deeper and I need to set it working... :) So I just install IPFire and decided to gather more information during the day... 

Yes, if no MAC spoofing is needed then just leave the field empty.
If you test again, you could also try to set the correct speed/duplex setting if its not Gbit, not sure if it will do anything... but one can try.

Keep us posted on your findings... who know.. perhaps we can solve the mistery together :-)


Did some tests with my OracleVM. I have OPNsense installed. To be clear, it was installed with adapter "Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM)". And it get the IP ok. If I switch adapter to "Intel PRO/1000 MT Server (82545EM)", then I also did not get the IP from DHCP.
I will try to install OPNsense with 2 adapters, with both cards and will check the results and logs.

EDIT: Wrong. If installed with both cards, both get IP correctly.


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