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The section Configure Spamhaus (E)DROP(https://docs.opnsense.org/manual/how-tos/edrop.html#configure-spamhaus-e-drop) describes in detail how to setup the acc. firewall rules.

Wouldn't this also work with one floating rule (per DROP/EDROP) instead of a  set of two interface rules for LAN/WAN respectively (per DROP/EDROP)?
If yes this would be a great example of the use of floating rules, wouldn't it!

UPDATE: Just realize that in the definitions of a floating rule an interface must be selected exactly the same way as in an interface rule.
--> So creating the rule in the interface sections make it more transparent. probably.

In floating you CAN select an interface, but you don't have to.

Nothing stops you from using an alias (even a dynamic alias like spamhaus edrop) anywhere you want to.

I do like to use stuff like that as a substitution for the internet (like allow <internal networks> to !<internal networks, blocked networks>).

Thanks for clarifying!


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