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Advanced Security coming soon?

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On the Advanced Security policy we can see options for:

Block Botnet C&C (Coming soon)
Block Botnet DGA Domains (Coming soon)
Block DNS Tunneling (Coming soon)

Any information when these are actually coming?


But seriously, I am curious as well, though I wouldn't really use it most likely, as you can do all that from not only suricata but opnsense firewall aliases as well.  Everything in sensei can be done in aliases actually, so you are paying for categories, and an easy to use elk stack basically, for nice graphs. 

Well, I am not a security expert. So for me the choice is between paranoid dabbler and trusting a security company to do the hard work. A paranoid dabbler adds aliases till the internet browsing no longer works properly. If I trust the company is sit down and relax.

Aliases aren't "paranoid" or "complicated" so I have a hard time understanding that whole line of thought.  You are running a full featured firewall, if you think that's "paranoid" why are you using opnsense? Your router firewall would probably be more than adequate :)

As I said, I am not expert, and if I were to use aliases, I would block too much. So, I was speaking about me and people like me, who can either trust the experts or behave like paranoid dabblers.

I did use pfBlockerNG and decided it is not my thing.


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