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Seeking help with installing OPNSense using PXE


I have a PXE server in a VM cluster and would like to use it to bring up instances of OPNSense.
I was able to accomplish this with no issues using pfSense, but OPNSense fails to launch the live environment.


--- Code: ---subnet netmask {
  option routers;
  option domain-name "domain.local";
  option domain-name-servers;

host fw001 {
  hardware ethernet bc:30:d9:2a:c9:50;
  filename "/os/bsd/opnsense/boot/pxeboot";
  option root-path "";

--- End code ---

For OPNSense, the pxeboot is executed, the root-path is read, but eventually NFS connectivity is dropped (see screenshot link).


Can anyone assist, or is there a good doc out there for getting OPNSense to install over PXE?

Adding the resolution discovered by my team lead;

The screenshot shows the interface flapping because OPNSense is trying repeatedly to grab it to reconnect.
The problem is that OPNSense had already reconfigured the interface as it expected >1 interfaces to start with.

By adding 3 interfaces, OPNSense installer was able to pick 1 for each of LAN/WAN, and PXE off the 3rd successfully.

I would like to use PXE for deploying OPNsense and I was wondering which image are using to boot OPNsense? What file is "/os/bsd/opnsense/boot/pxeboot"? Thanks for a hint :-)


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