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Wireguard not starting upon firewall start, wireguard-kmod related? Other?


So I know there's a somewhat-related topic on the forum, but since it's related to 21.1 and in that version's main area, while I'm on the latest 21.7 version, I thought I'd add my issue to a new thread here in the VPN forum.  In short, I've been runing Wireguard on OPNsense for well over a year and it's one of the very best things I've ever done with my setup.  I have most of my mobile devices using "always on" VPN to connect when they're away from the home network, and it is performant with good battery and CPU efficiency. 

I also have Wireguard initiate a tunnel to a VPN provider that I use for some traffic.  It has also been working great for over 9 months.  Now there's a hiccup:  when I reboot the firewall, this tunnel doesn't start properly any more. I can disable the tunnel in the Wireguard section, then re-enable it and it does come up. This is a recent phenomenon, like within the last few weeks or so. 

I have been making some DNS changes, adding Adguardhome into the mix using Unbound as the upstream, but everything else seems to work fine.  That does seem to cause Unbound to restart several times after a boot while it goes through the DHCP client registration process.  It's definitely a longer time until DNS stabilizes than it was a few months back.

I also installed wireguard-kmod fairly recently, so maybe it is related to that, but again, everything else is working.  I wanted to get this out there for advice if it's just my setup, or to get it on the radar if it is the kmod package that needs some sort of accomodation for the DNS resolution flapping on reboot.

From my experience: No DNS - no wireguard start...

You can test whether it is a DNS issue by putting the VPN provider’s public IP in the Endpoint configuration instead of the domain


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