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Fsck on boot and ssd problem


I seem to have some problems with my Sandisk SSD and opnsense, it crashes sometimes after a few days. It looks like the problem are some intensive tasks, like updating suricata rules, or, like last time, when i gave the reset all logs command from the gui. Anything i can do about it? I've had all hardware checked, replaced ram, ssd, tested cpu and mb. if i put more ram (now 4gb) the frequency is lower. it has to do probably with the writes to the ssd.

Second problem. now i don't have access to the computer. filesystem seems to be corrupted, and i need to fix it with fsck on boot? is there any way i can do it without console, remote?
thank you

You don't mention the hardware you use but filesystem checks on boot need console unless your hardware has out of band access, like ipmi. Remember also that the disk can't be mounted for the check.


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