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@jclendineng, thanks for the additional information.

I get it now. You've deployed sensei on the bridge member interfaces. Nice. That should work indeed since we're deploying on the member interface.


--- Quote from: mb on July 02, 2021, 06:34:50 pm ---Hi @jclendineng,

The best way to accomplish is to deploy sensei in bridge mode (which will be available with Sensei 1.10 scheduled for the end of July). In this mode Sensei establishes a virtual switch between two ethernet adapters - you'll need the third adapter for maintenance.

Till that time, let us try to get you some instructions for you to get this working manually.

Can you reach out to support through the Cloud Portal?

--- End quote ---

Is this still scheduled for end of July? Very much looking forward to bridge mode on FreeBSD :D

@jclendineng, we're still planning to include bridge mode in the next release (1.10). But it got delayed a bit. We had to re-architect the cloud agent; so that it can support a wider range of platforms.

Chances are high that we'll make it ready for the end of August.

Any updates on this?

Hi @jclendineng, we'll test it this week. Still hopeful that it will make 1.10 :)


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