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Turning off rules to allow Google Voice


Recently Google Voice calls from the web interface started failing in the sense that the call would seemingly drop before it was connected, or just after connection.  Experimentally I turned off intrusion detection, and that solved it, so I turned on detection again and watched the alerts, identifying a couple of specific rules that were being tripped.  Turning them off solved the problem.

However, I foolishly did not note which rules they were, and now I would like to know.  Is there any way to identify what rules have been manually turned off most recently?

I came across this post because I was having a similar problem with GV at home.  My calls would connect but neither side was getting any audio.  I checked my Intrusion Detection alerts and found this rule being triggered on my devices using GV:

2033078 - ET INFO Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN Binding Request On Non-Standard High Port)

After disabling that rule GV seemed to start working normally again.

--- Quote ---My calls would connect but neither side was getting any audio.
--- End quote ---
I've been trying to figure it out on my own, but a lack of experience with opnsense and fairly sparse documentation makes it difficult.


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