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I meant make your Unbound listen to I use BIND, so - sorry - I cannot show you a screenshot. I am just assuming that just as with BIND you can change the listen interface and port for Unbound too. If that is not the case, I am sorry.

You need to do that so AdGuardHome can listen on all interfaces port 53 so clients can use it. Then in AdGuardHome use this dialog to configure the upstream resolver (see screenshot).

To adjust the listen addresses of AdGuardHome itself you need to ssh to your OPNsense and edit the config file at /usr/local/AdGuardHome/AdGuardHome.yaml:
--- Code: ---bind_host:
bind_port: 3000
  port: 53
--- End code ---

Thanks if I can figure it out I’ll test it tomorrow.
I feel like my way just works and works far simpler.

Is there any benefit other than having 2 devices in one doing it your way?

I would not want another box just for a single application that works perfectly on my already present OPNsense.

Do I need to Listen on all interfaces for DNS Server?
As it has my WAN IP in there too.

I have LAN, and 2x VLANS so there are a lot of connections there.
I also changed the Admin to use port 81.

Like this:

Take a look at my edits and addition of AdGuard via Community Repo.
Let me know what you think or if any of it needs changing/addition.


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