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4 - In Opnsense launching Adguard Home

anyone else not able to update adguard?
it says cannot update error

Yes, running into the same error trying to update to v0.107.15. Never had this issue before.
Just did the manual upgrade and all works fine.

Just setup AdGuard Home with Unbound as the upstream server. Everything seems to be working except my configuration for SSL offloading via HAProxy plugin on Opnsense. I can access AdGuard Home using the IP, but not via a domain name. I can however access all my other services (password manager, local cloud etc) via the domain names.

I have already set up the necessary Overrides under Unbound for it and also created the Real Server, Backend Pool, Condition & Rules in HAProxy. Are there some headers that are required for this to work?

Hi, I have an OPNSense running fine with mimugmails AdGuard@Home.
When moving to a different PC (Fujitsu S920 AMD 4x1,5 + Intel NIC) and booting, then OPNSense is working fine. But Adguard@Home is not starting.

Where can/should I look for issues?

Never mind, the config in /usr/local/AdGuardHome/AdGuardHome.yaml was empty - crazy ;) I copied over the existing one from agh-backup to make it work again.


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