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Unbound - DNS over TLS

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Adguardhome - DNS settings - Bootstrap DNS servers

Hi everybody,

I just found your post. Does your AdGuard Home start without any problems? I tried to install it using GitHub versions (beta & final) but I am not even able to start it - same using the Max-It plugin. I see posts that it can use port 53, right after that I get the message "dhcpv4 srv: nil ist not an IP address".

Then I see posts for the IP addresses of my opnsense and the used ports 3000 and 3001. But there is no webinterface available. I got nothing on port 3000 and 3001.

Thought I try configuring it on a clean virtual machine, ended up in exactly the same problem!

Any idea what could be the reason for that?


I am trying to install AdGuard Home using the guide provided. But when I change the listening port in Unbound to 5353 the service is not starting. When I return it to 53 the service starts. Any ideas why Unbound service would not start?

Currently on version 22.7.4.

Thank you.

Solution to Auto-update failed error when trying to install update 0.107.15 on Adguard Home:

1 - In Opnsense stop Adguard Home

2 - Donwload and unzip AdGuardHome_freebsd_amd64.tar.gz ( https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome/releases/tag/v0.107.15 )

3 - Access Opnsense via ssh to /usr/local/AdGuardHome and replace the old files with the new ones respecting the permissions of those files.


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