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19.7 to v20.1/20.7 -> recurring high ping latency



since the upgrade from 19.7 to a higher version, we notified, that we have often a very high ping latency on our OpnSense Cluster. It happens only, of the packages goes through the OpnSense. We replaced the SFP+ modules, cleaned the fiber but .. since it happens on both physical hosts, we don't think, it's a network hardware issue.

What we have:

* SuperMicro X11SSH-TF
* 64GB DDR4
* Intel X520 (fiber)
* Intel X550 (copper)
I've attached a Grafana picture as you can see, that we have much "noise". These causes, that our MariaDB starts to switch our Write Master.
We have also an nearly identical setup on the other side (both clusters are connected via a darkfiber). I say nearly, because the firewall rules are a bit different (because of the reverse side), but we don't now ... that we configured a thing, that causes the ping latency with a higher version than 19.7.

We red about problems, if the OpnSense is a VM ... and some Pyhton scripts steal the CPU ...but our hosts are physical. We have no idea, where we can find this issue.

Any suggestions ?

cu denny

This issue may apply to you:

If you don't want to update to 21.1 to try the test-kernel, you could test the workarounds mentioned in the referenced pfSense forum thread; most importantly disabling SMP using the tunable kern.smp.disabled=1


we will see, if we have time to do so. In the meanwhile we ordered 2 x DEC3850 to solve this issue.

cu denny


if I read all correct, this issue will be resolved in  21.1.3 ?

It may or may not be in 21.1.3 and it may or may not fix your issue (it did not fix mine, despite initial hope).


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