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SOLVED Resolving hostname

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Hi there,

I can't find a way to resolve local hostnames.

Hi Anael,

Did you set the settings on Configuration - Reporting & Data - DNS Enrichment for Reports? What is your DNS Server?

Yes and i also tick :  Use OPNsense Host aliases for DNS enrichment

I put all my hostname in aliases with network and /32 by ip and it's the same.

Actually i use remote ( dns in Sensei config meanwhile i use local (adguardhome) dns server. I will replace by my local dns and see how it goes.

If you use Services -> Unbound DNS you have the option to tick

--- Code: --- DHCP Registration
--- End code ---

which has the following info text:

--- Quote --- If this option is set, then machines that specify their hostname when requesting a DHCP lease will be registered in Unbound, so that their name can be resolved.
--- End quote ---

Maybe that works for the reporting, too?

Will try. I didn't use unbound


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