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So, this is kind of working.

From the OPNSense firewall I can ping any machine on the other side of the VPN. From a machine behind the OPNSense firewall, I can't.

remote network <---> Ubuntu Wireguard Server <----> OPNSense Wireguard client <---> local network

The local network can't ping the Ubuntu Wireguard server or the remote network, only OPNSense can.

I'm missing something easy, I think.

Never mind, it was easy. I forgot the localnetwork in AllowedIPs on the server.

--- Quote from: gbr on October 29, 2020, 09:01:40 pm ---We have an office in another city with it's own network and servers. I need to talk to their servers from our network.

Currently, they run a Wiregaurd server (not OPNSense). Their internal network is

I run OPNSense as my firewall, and would like to create a link to their servers so anyone in our office can access the servers in their office. My internal network is

What's the best way to set this up? Will OPNSense and wireguard do it for me or should I create a separate machine behind my firewall to create the link and route through that?

Are there any HOWTO's to set this up?


--- End quote ---


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