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Improvement - OpenVPN - KeepAlive option


Hello there,

It seems that in certain case we need to change the keepalive mode to a ping manually timeout specified (ping, ping-exit, ping-restart).

However, there is no way to disable this functionnality. The instruction keepalive is automatically added. It should be a good improvement to disable it in order to specify the ping value manually.

Do you think it could be possible ?

Thank you and best wishes for this new year !

I also ran into a similar need for this option: I want to gracefully shutdown the tunnel if the remote host intentionally goes down. Currently that's not possible with the setting ping-restart. As far as I found out, OpenVPN does not allow overriding or disabling previously set options, so there is currently no clean way a user can override this setting from the GUI.
So I also opt for this additional configuration option.


Apologies for digging up such an old post, but I am interested in this as well. Any chance for getting this option?

If it's not in yet please create a feature request :)



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