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nano 15.7.x images not booting problem

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I'm unsure why the FreeBSD procedure doesn't work here...  and without the hardware I have no way to try it out..

If there's something wrong with our nano images it's somewhere inside

Could you post a link to the nano image prior to 15.7.11?
Finding a working nano image would provide a good starting point to compare working vs nonworking code.

The nano image for the original 15.7 had a rather annoying defect so we decided not to publish it anymore as soon as 15.7.11 came out. The nano code did not change in 15.7, I'm pretty sure. We don't have a baseline beyond OPNsense vs. FreeBSD NanoBSD vs. pfSense.

I examined the OPNsense-15.7.18-OpenSSL-nano-i386.img file and found that it contained 3 embedded .img files.
0.img - kernel 1
1.img - kernel 2 (redundant kernel)
2.img - looks to be a null filled .img file

Extract the first .img file (0.img) and write the 0.img file to a flash memory card does create a bootable and working opnsense card.

Still don't know why your nano images do not work, but this seems to be a work around minus the 2nd (redundant) kernel.
I don't know if 2.img is required with the nano build.

Tools used: 7-zip and Rufus
Tested on HP business laptop and on a Gigabyte Z87 based desktop.

Thanks for looking into this, the second image is dormant and may or may not be revived later on. It is, however, a typical FreeBSD NanoBSD image.

pfSense uses a slightly different style for the bsdlabel invoke:

Here is the OPNsense version:

The -m argument should be automatically selected, but maybe it isn't. I am still not sure what causes this and do not have the time to look into this at the moment. :/


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