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There will probably be a plugin available mid-term to make the necessary configuration from the GUI directly.

Sorry if bringing this post back up is inappropriate, but a search for "zabbix" only rendered 5 posts, and this was the one that was most relevant to my inquiry.

Is there a means to install zabbix using the OPNsense webgui yet?  It seemed that there would be one forthcoming in 15.7, but as of 17.1 there does not appear to be anything in the the "Packages" or "Plugins," and there are not any references in the documentation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if I should start a clean thread for the discussion, I'll be glad to. 

Hi Blackslade,

No, nothing we know of. People have worked on different plugins in the past two years, namely Let's Encrypt, HAProxy, FTP-Proxy and from the OPNsense core side we try to stay clear of adding complexity to the core itself.

It's either that Zabbix setup is quite easy without the GUI, or such a special use case that people don't want to find the time to write a plugin. I can relate to both opinions.

I know this doesn't help you a lot, but it may help establish a clearer guideline on what plugins have become, where they are likely to go and how users can contribute if they desire.

Thank you,

Starting with OPNsense 17.1.8 a Zabbix Agent plugin is available :)

- Frank


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