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Hi, are you guys planning to spin cloud images? I'd love to use opnsense in my (openstack) cloud but currently that apparently means loading a FreeBSD image and going through all the steps described at

Side-note: is there an IRC channel available?

Prebuilt images are available here:

Or are you missing a particular format? Please let me know.

Oh, and the IRC channel is #opnsense on Freenode.

Those are not cloud specific, but thanks. I'll see how usefull the usbstick image turns out.

I was hoping for a RAW image to publish in a cloud and which uses the cloud-init port to set itself up, atleast to some extent.

FreeBSD has recently added support for a few platforms... azure, gce and openstack. We ought to talk a little bit more about specifics as each deployment differs subtly, but won't work well without these modifications at all.


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