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Cannot Get NTOPNG Geo Mapping To Work

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Hi, I am fairly new to OPNsense and am evaluating with it with a view to migrating from Untangle. The feature that I need is Geo mapping  within NTOPNG but I have not been able to get it to work. I can get NTOPNG working ok. I have followed the instructions in the OPNSense manuals (which seemed easy enough) but still dont get any GEO Map options in NTOPNG.

Yes I have the Maxmind key and its installed.

I have looked at the installation guide on GITHUB but I don't understand how to install packages. I've googled OpenBSD commands but none of these seem to work. Also I cannot find any NTOPNG directories that are mentioned on posts or YouTube.

Also another challenge seems to be the the GUI of NTOPNG seems to have changed (from the one commonly seen on YouTube) . I don't see where you have to install the Google API key, so I assume you get that goodness when the Geo Map function is actually working.

One last thing which may be connected. I'm running my OPNsense as a VM in Virtual Box. When the VM is booted i'm seeing a lot of REDIS error messages in the VM console. I know there is a dependency upon the REDIS service so I always make sure this is running - but it makes no difference.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Same situation here, and every time I log in into ntopng I have a message saying the Geolocation has not been enabled and I have to visit this link

Frankly, it's quite confusing...

Did you manually copy the geo files to the appropriate folder?  I've had to do this for each upgrade of OPNsense (a couple exceptions maybe...but mostly every time).  I'm not running ntopng since 12.1.5 as it causes excessive CPU usage for me...but this is the procedure I would need to perform to get the geo data feature enabled (along with the google api key for the map).

Copy files to /usr/local/share/ntopng/httpdocs/geoip/ (from MaxMind)


chmod +x /usr/local/opnsense/scripts/OPNsense/Ntopng/generate_certs.php

Thanks, I can see the Geo Map has appeared in the 'Hosts' menu.

So, no chance of using GeoIPupdate, updates mus be done manually ?? And yes, my CPU usage is too high...

Also, it's not Google Maps but OpenStreetMap (therefore I can't use any Google API key) and I should be located in the middle of Rome  ::)  but I'm actually living about 1,200 miles away...

Something it's not working, it's a shame...

Dear GPB,
Thank you so much for providing these instructions. I have now got NETOPNG to display the geo mapping data.
I will write up a dummies guide on this for other users as the instructions that are provided I feel are "economic" and do not cater for the newbies.

So from this experience I have some queries that perhaps someone in the know can answer;
1. According to the OPNSense manual you have to cut and paste just one Maxmind  URL (which applies to Countries) into the firewall alias when it seems to me that two others are needed - ASN and cities)
2. According to the OPNSense manual the URL that is pasted into the points to CSV files. From GBP's instructions the mmdb files are the ones that work ( I can vouch for this).
3. Do CSV files work and if not then the wrong files re[ being pointed to?
4. The Netopng instructions are obviously for a vanilla install as the directory structure described does not apply to OPNSense, It would be useful if there was a document hat detailed the file locations perhaps?
5. The idea that creating the Firewall alias is "all these to it" is totally misleading. Dong this seems to achieve  nothing regardless of how many times you stop/start services or reboot the system.


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