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Traffic Shaper in Bridged mode

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mohamed hafez:
Hi Ad,
Thanks alot to you and Falcon for your quick and positive support.

Actually I'm not interested in filtering at the moment I just need to get the traffic shaper to work.

I switched off the first parameter from System Tunables but I can't find the second and third  parameters under the same section:

Is there a way to do it.

Hi Mohamed,

You can add those parameters using the + at the bottom of the page.



mohamed hafez:
Thanks Ad,

I've applied the parameters (check attachments).

the traffic shaping is done based on this guide but after testing there's no shaping at all applied to the traffic and the client PC is getting the full whole bandwidth.

Do I have to modify the traffic shaping method applied?

Hi Mohamed,

Are you trying to shape between the lan and wireless lan? or are you trying to shape something else?
Last week I tested a transparent bridge setup with 2 downlinks and 1 uplink in the same pool, just created a pipe, added a rule and it worked perfectly with those settings, but all traffic was going through the bridge in my scenario.



mohamed hafez:
Hi Ad

I'm trying to shape between WAN and LAN
The bridge has a static ip and the gateway is
The wan has none
The lan has none
And the client pc assigned a dhcp by the router (not opnsense).
I have Internet access on the server
And I have internet access on the client pc but not shaped and I cannot see the client ip on the limiter info page.



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