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Traffic Shaper in Bridged mode

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mohamed hafez:

Here's two things I discovered :

1st your parameters are working but if the system rebooted it'll not be effective although I can see it in the system Tunables section and if I reapply it. It will work again.

2nd when the filter is working it starts at the correct speed I specified but after a while it drops down to 9 or 10 KB/s

Hi Mohamed,

I think I'm missing something here, if there's an additional network port on the box (or a console) can you try bridging without setting an address to the bridge (transparent mode)?

The situation I've tested last week looked a bit like this:
[client network 1]  ---- [ bridge interface 1 ]
[client network 2]  ---- [ bridge interface 2 ]
                                  [ bridge interface 3 ] --- uplink

I used a separate network port to configure the box, and left all interfaces  (including the bridge) without an adres.


I'm having the same problem with V17.7.1_2.

I'll open a new thread in the appropriate section.



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