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Traffic Shaper in Bridged mode

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mohamed hafez:
Hi everybody,

my best wishes to OPNsense. the new promising firewall.

I've been testing it for a week now and I've struggled a little with creating a bridge between WAN and LAN and access the web management from bridge interface but I did it finally.

NOW, I've tried to apply this guide to my setup which works for a few seconds and the speed drops down to 80Kb/S  which should be 512Kb/S.

Please any Ideas, workaround , fix or alternative package that can do a bandwidth limit per user in bridged mode.

thanks to you all.

Hi Mohamed,

There is a bridge mode tutorial here:

If you haven't seen it can you double check that your setup doesn't differ from the recommended setup before we go into troubleshooting the shaper on top?


mohamed hafez:
Yes I've built the bridge based on this guide and I'm using version 15.7.18_1 and Ivve tried the same setup before on pfSense and it didn't work then I headed to m0n0wall which didn't work also and from there I knew about OPNsense and it looks like it has the same issue which is most probably linked to the dummynet.

Anyway, even if I didn't get a solution for this I really appreciate your efforts and support by replying to each user and help theme get their problems solved. So thank you so much.

Don't give up hope just yet... I'll see if I can get Jos or Ad to look at this. :)

Hi Mohamed,

Shaping and filtering unfortunately can't be combined on a bridge in OPNsense, this has to do with the need for both pf and ipfw in bridge mode and these two won't work together in that scenario.

Shaping on a bridge should work when you set  these sysctl parameters:




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