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Wireguard Clients Disconnected

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This might not be the right place for this, but I don't know a better place.

Using Wireguard on opnsense at remote sites, and a main server with a static.

When we add a new peer into the main server, some of the remote sites don't automatically reconnect. We have to go into the remote sites, and hit save inside the wireguard interface to get them to reconnect.

Is this a bug or misconfiguration?

Thank you for your assistance! ;D

Did you set /32 or /24 in Endpoint Tunnel Network?
"(/32 is important when using multiple endpoints)"

All endpoints have a unique /32, and then also another network associated with them (/24, /16, etc.)

Screenshots of local instance and endpoints please :)

Are you asking for screenshots of the server or the remote sites?

The server works fine, and some of the remote sites reconnect just dandy, however, some of the remote sites never reconnect until we hit save.


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