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After using pfsense and now 1 year using opnsense I have to thank the developers for the work and effort they do to maintain and improve this program which I consider better than pfsense. From the few comments I see we seem to have been disappointed that it hasn't been updated to Freebsd 12 and instead it has been updated to a relase candidate. I have installed it and I have to say that it works just as well as the previous one 19.7. I was also expecting an update to Suricata 5 :  who looks like she's ready. Looking forward to these changes I again thank the immense work of the developers of opnsense. Thank you. Sorry about my English.

Hi yeraycito,

12.1 had three major setbacks:

1. FreeBSD 12.1 was released beginning of November 2019 which gave us only an overall of 3 months to migrate and 12.0 wasn't suitable for upgrade with 12.1 almost out (basically all major upgrades are a lot of work):

2. HardenedBSD went through a transition at the same time which left us in limbo waiting for their 12.1 cut. We did solve this in a co-effort with HBSD in late November:

3. We built internal BETA images in December and adapted our required shared forwarding patch, but early testing indicated a firewall log issue that was a bit too elusive so that we had to discuss a way forward with 20.1 without jeopardizing the major release cycle and the bulk of the features to be shipped.

In the end, the compromise is staying on HardenedBSD 11.2 but pulling off all the other roadmap items...

As for Suricata 5: we maintain Suricata for FreeBSD and updated it to version 5 over there already. We are waiting for ET-Pro Telemetry to support Suricata 5 rules and then we will be migrating to that as well.


PS: The flip side of disappointment over missing 12.1 is that i386 is still in 20.1 and not removed as indicated before. :)

Thank you very much for the long and excellent explanation. I remain confident in your excellent work. Thank you also for the explanation of Suricata ( I'm currently using the ET PRO TELEMETRY ).


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