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I have two questions about the organization of the translation :
- There are no page in the section on the development wiki to explain how to participate (team, glossary...)
- How to report problems translations properly (forum, GitHub ...)?


I wanted to start creating a page on the wiki:


but I do not have the rights  :'(

I will have to write something more elaborate, but here are a few points:

Translations take place in Pootle https://translate.opnsense.org accounts and languages are added on demand, preferably via email to project@ (same goes for wiki accounts)

Translations should be suggestions, and if you see suggestions either confirm them or change them. We can always change the strings more than once.

Translations that need further work are better than no translations. Don't be shy. :)

Punctuation and spacing should be kept as in the original string even though it looks stupid. Strings like "test: 1234" should not be translated to "test : 1234". Same goes for parentheses, etc.

Errors in original strings should be brought up to project@ or franco@ or recorded in github issues so they can be fixed in the code. These original string fixes take time to get to back into Pootle. It's more important they are fixed in the code then to translate the faulty ones.

If you feel the context is ambiguous or unclear, please reporte the strings

HTML in strings should be reported as well.

If you find you have to reorder dynamic arguments like "test %s is %s", you can use "is %2$s test %1$s", In this case all arguments must be numbered.

We are going to pull in translations directly from Pootle just before a release so as long as you use Pootle to translate your progress will automatically be merged.

Last but not least, we are thinking of setting up mailing lists for translators to improve communication.


Small remarks :
- Are there a glossary in Pootle as possible?
- In Pootle, there is no simple system for reporting errors translations ?
- On GitHub you can play with tags in issues
- See why not create a new depot for only translations and integrate the project with the main git submodule...


The suggestion/review limitation has been lifted, every contributor can now directly submit as requested by contributors for newer languages with fewer numbers.


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